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First Couple of Days of Work at RMF

I started work last thursday Aug. 16 at RMF engineering. So far so good! I have gotten my own cubicle, name plate, and phone! Time for real work and im excited for it. Just working on training right now, projects will start soon! This firm has great people and relaxing atmosphere. 8 hour work days here we go!


2012: SpaceX’s Odyssey – ASME

This is the beginning of the privatization of space travel!

2012: SpaceX's Odyssey – ASME.

Getting to the moon on drops of fuel

Ion Motor

This is incredible. We have already started to move away from using combustion and pushing towards the futuristic “Ion Motor.” We are slowing working our way to making the Enterprise 🙂 Only a matter of time.

Check out the link below for the news coverage on this topic.

Getting to the moon on drops of fuel.

Lego Reverse Engineering

40+ Hours Of Work

Me and my roommate were given a project to reverse engineer legos in SolidWorks. This is my exploded view of our finished product. We split up the parts evenly but we each had to do our own assembly. This is the outcome of our combined 50+ hours of work. Not only did we have to put these legos into a CAD program but we also had to hand sketch each part with dimensioning and write procedures for how to model them.

Hope you enjoy our Naboo Star Fighter 🙂

One interview, One Job Offer

rmf engineering

Last friday I had the pleasure of interviewing with a company called RMF Engineering, Inc. The atmosphere and general attitude in the offices were amazingly joyful yet productive. After a thorough interview and a drafting in AutoCAD, I headed back home to await the phone call telling me yes or no. On the following monday I got the call and got the job. I am extremely excited to start working for this great engineering firm. I will be doing design work on chillers and boilers along with surveying. I start in the fall and can not wait.

Homemade Stirling Engine

This is an interesting video of a guy that made a simple external combustion engine. “A Stirling engine is a heat engine operating by cyclic compression and expansion of air or other gas, the working fluid, at different temperature levels such that there is a net conversion of heat energy to mechanical work.”

Ultra-efficient LED puts out more power than is pumped in (Wired UK)

I just saw this amazing article boasting a LED that was engineered by MIT that produces 69 picowatts of light while only using 30 picowatts of power giving this LED an efficiency of 230 percent!!! This is incredible and is the future of lighting. Check out the article link below!

Ultra-efficient LED puts out more power than is pumped in (Wired UK).

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